I am senior editor at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a publication devoted to issues such as nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation, nuclear energy, and climate change. For five years I was responsible for our Development and Disarmament Roundtable series. For much of those five years, Agustina González Grucci translated the Roundtables into Spanish—and her performance was simply stellar. In a demanding position that required her to accurately translate large amounts of challenging text, she never failed to deliver what was wanted. She rearranged her schedule for the Bulletin’s sake when necessary. She worked professionally with outside translation reviewers who ensured that her work was rigorously accurate. Agustina always presented herself as professional, cheerful, and very, very competent. I am grateful to have had her. You will not go wrong if you employ Agustina

Lucien Crowder, Senior Editor at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Agustina has been working with us as independent translator for some years now. She has translated long, complex legal documents with great proficiency and accuracy. And she consistently delivers on time. Our partnership with her has always been a great pleasure, and we look forward to continue our successful cooperation in the future.

Juan Etchart, Finance & Administration Director at EU-LAC Foundation

I had the pleasure to review/proofread Agustina's translations while I was working as an in-house Lawyer Linguist. Agustina is unique among the translators with whom I have worked. She was by far the most reliable, accurate and punctual, with an impressive expertise in Legal Terminology. Always delivering top quality even under challenging deadlines. Even more important, Agustina was always kind, honest and open for discussion in case of doubts, clearly exceeding my expectations in every project she delivered. One feel she is passionate about her work. She always strived to serve our interests in the most effective manner possible. I obviously did not hesitate to write this comment and would not hesitate a second to ask for her expertise if one day I had to source external translations for my current firm.

Olivier Soro Russell, Ph.D., International Business and Data Protection Lawyer

I have had the honor and the joy of having Agustina translate for my company coming up on 10 years. Her work has been exemplary, timely, precise, punctual and linguistically excellent. Her translations for me have ranged from our City Newsletters to Medical to Legal Documentation and Contracts.  The beauty of her work is that little to no post-editing is required of her work. In fact, when our clients’ bilingual staff members have tried to change her work, it has resulted in them learning more about the proper use of the Spanish language and ultimately no changes were made. I cannot say enough about my regard for Agustina as a translator.  I feel so fortunate to have her on our team.

Rosabelle Rice, Owner at Language Solutions

I have had the great pleasure of working with Agustina in her capacity as translator (EN>ES) consistently over the last few years. Her quality of work, exacting precision and timeliness are of the very highest quality, in my experience over the last 20 years in the field of translation. Agustina’s areas of expertise are vast. She renders excellent quality translations of legal, medical, contracts and documentation, and beyond. She simply presents as a very highly-skilled and well-seasoned translator. Additionally, working with Agustina is always a complete joy, as her professional yet cordial attitude invites a successful communication every single time that I have worked with her. I recommend Agustina as a top-notch translator and human being. I feel very fortunate to work with someone of her quality.

Kelly Musick, Joint owner of Left Hand Language Solutions, LLC.

Agustina is an extremely diligent and dedicated translator. The quality of her work is excellent and working with her a great pleasure. I can only recommend her.

Isabelle S. PM at a Swiss translation agency, specialized in Legal Translations

My name is Bety Ziman. I am a certified US Courts interpreter and translator and I reside in Denver, Colorado. I’ve had the privilege to work in conjunction with Dr. Agustina González Grucci in translations from English into Spanish. Her work is clear, concise and precise and always delivered within the time required. It is important to point out that the translated material reads as if it was the original. Therefore, it is an honor and a pleasure for me to write these few lines, and without any hesitation highlight the performance of Dr. Gonzales Grucci.

Bety Ziman, Ziman Translations