LegumLingua Translations

Legal translations by a lawyer-linguist

My quality formula: your guarantee

Deep knowledge of both source and target languages


Excellent command of legal terminology


Legal training


Legal certainty in the translation of your legal documents

I offer:

  • Legal translations in the following language combinations: German – English – Spanish
  • Translations and proofreading by lawyers-linguists
  • Optimal quality and legal certainty 

LegumLingua provides translation, editing, and proofreading services, provided by a lawyer-linguist. I only translate to Spanish, my native language and I know in deep the legal systems of both the source and target languages, as well as the legal terminology of each particular text. Therefore, I can guarantee legal certainty and the optimal translation of your legal documents.

I address mainly to law and notary firms, companies carrying out international activities or with clients in different countries, government and administrative entities, courts of justice and of arbitration, international organizations, and universities. To sum up, I provide an answer to everyone in need of translating a legal text.

Within the legal area, I cover all branches of Law, those more traditional areas (civil, commercial, criminal, administrative and constitutional law), as well as those more modern and original areas (environmental law, bioethics, medical liability, and intellectual property law, among others).

Additionally, I have vast experience in the business, administrative and healthcare areas. 

In a globalized world, where interactions between people and companies from different countries and legal systems are even more frequent, it is of vital importance to trust our legal documents to people with solid education both in Law and in the target and source languages, with a comprehensive knowledge of the legal systems of said languages. LegumLingua Translations meet all these requirements.